Dev Diary 2018-12-14

Not really sure why, but woke up at 3:30AM highly motivated to copy the old “Computer Nerdery” archives from TinyLetter. The link rot was far less than I expected, but the process of moving the few articles over gave me some thoughts to chew over.

The format of these little journals has been fairly consistent for a while. A paragraph or two of thoughts, a handful of links. And while it’s a bit interesting from the “snapshot of thinking” perspective, the meat of the post drops pretty quickly once the links rot. The only way I could really preserve it is through static site snapshots, and for legal or sometimes practical purposes that’s not always possible.

I seem to have this motivation to do these journals for about a week, and then forget about it for a year or two. Anyone who knows me personally knows my schedule is crazy, and I never know when a quiet period will swing in and give me time to reflect. I can work on my tooling and make it as frictionless as possible, but unless my interest and time available for writing is non-zero, it doesn’t really happen.