Dev Diary 2019-01-01

Still sick, bleh. At least my head is on enough today to get a bunch of writing and bug fixes done.

Did a bit of thinking about why the lucky stiff’s Closure and my concerns for the longevity of the programs and documents I’ve been writing over the past few years. I can absolutely see how he got fed up with the chaos of trying to keep bitrot at bay.

My early Python programs have aged terribly, and these days I find every dependency I add to a project is another ingress point for program decay. This isn’t a language-specific problem (although some handle it better than others, eg Go interfaces), it’s a project problem. Anyhow, I don’t quite recall where I was going with all this (I blame the Nyquil ;-)

Finally got around to putting this blog’s git repo on GitHub. I’ve purged the history (to hide all the ugly old mistakes), but from this point in I’ll be regularly syncing up with it. I’m not sure why I felt the need to do this, but some of it is the “if I die tomorrow” thing. Even though this site is dead simple to maintain now, if I died and the domain expired, everything would be gone for good (save for whatever crawls, god bless em’). Making the repo publicly accessible might keep it alive just a touch longer. Who knows!


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