Dev Diary 2019-11-20

I’m in the throes of another “do thing X every day for the month of Y” challenge (not computer related). This one is “Sewvember,” where I’ve been doing a sewing project every day so far for the month. I’ve been finding a bunch of common threads (har har) between programming and sewing along the way.

Given how modern fabrics and programming both come from the Jacquard machine’s punch cards, comparisons are inevitable. But construction aside, the process of learning how to sew seems similar at least to how I learned to program. At first, you’re just amazed that the darn thing even resembles what it is you wanted to make. Soon fairly complex things like threading an overlocker becomes something you get muscle memory for, the debugging instinct builds so that you understand where the flaws can sneak in. And of course, the critical eye that comes with experience that damns poorly made junk.