Dev Diary 2020-06-02

I’m pretty sure I blew out a pound of dust from the inside of my laptop today, and now magically the overheating issues seem to have disappeared. I love it when you get a nice performance bump from such a trivial activity.

The past several months have been a bit of a time, what with the whole global pandemic thing. Since my screen time increased (with all the video chats that suddenly came into place), my recreational computer use dropped to keep my eyeballs from getting absolutely wrecked. I might have also gotten addicted to Animal Crossing.

Hoping to get back on the Cyberdelia kick again soon, now that video chat services are starting to stabilize (important when cutting a podcast).

A bizarre find while hacking away on a Twitter bot - the Twitter API doesn’t give programmatic access for pinning tweets. One of the stranger things I’ve found so far (no idea why they didn’t make it part of the 1.1 API). Apparently it’s been “on the list” since 2014