Dev Diary 2020-07-12

Today felt like a good day to get my repositories in order. I’ve been using GitHub kind of by default since I moved my personal stuff to git so many years ago. However, I’ve largely treated GitHub like a dumb static server with a few neat tricks, since I do a lot of stuff client-side.

First up was a search through the GitHub settings page. GitHub doesn’t have a lot in here, but I like to go to an account’s settings page every couple of years, because it’s important to understand what the defaults are (this is general life advice, btw). There’s the newish Dependabot stuff, which I’ve been meaning to toss into my older repos. There’s also now successor functionality, which given the world situation is kind of smart (and should probably be part of more services, especially as the “web native” population grows older).

Then, I took a plunge through the docs. Right away I managed to hit paydirt, as I found out there’s a new GitHub CLI tool that’s officially supported (likely replacing ghi in the future).

I also found a little easter egg/beta feature while playing with GitHub - if you create a repository that is the same as your username and add a, you can create a little bio page for your profile ;-)

After poking that stuff long enough, I finally managed to get a Raspberry Pi to boot from a USB stick, freeing me from whatever problems were keeping me from properly writing to my MicroSD card. I’ve been wanting to do some Arm development, but wanted to cut my teeth with a working dev environment first before trying to boot my own silly executables.

I’m also starting some personal productivity tools in Go now that it seems like I finally ‘get it.’ No idea if/when I’ll open source them - we’ll see!