Dev Diary 2020-07-16

TIL there’s an Arctic Code Vault to hold open-source project code for 1,000 years. It’s a great sentiment, but given humanity’s track record of keeping older machine’s running, I suspect the humans in 1,000 years will have trouble getting the kernel to compile on their 80386 (well, at least any new ones since they dropped 80386 support a few versions ago).

I’m finally starting to get to the stage in my Go knowledge that I can reach for it instead of Ruby when I need to hack together a quick script. I needed to extract, massage, and classify a 200MB CSV file, and Go managed to rip through the file in half a second. I might try to hammer out a Ruby version just so I can have some benchmarks to post.

For funsies I hacked together an RSS library which I’ll drop into the CoffeeOutside bot as a feature for next week. I might open-source this one, but I’m going to figure out a new place to drop my open-source code besides GitHub first.