Computer Nerdery 2016-04-15

Note - “Computer Nerdery” was a newsletter I ran a while back. Moving archives here for posterity.

Yep, finally starting a newsletter, after years of “I’m gonna start a newsletter!” Please throw ideas for content, as well as any good links you come across, as I imagine this will kind of be the ‘in-between’ stuff between proper blog posts (whatever that means) :-) Will keep to ~5 links/tips an email so it’s something you can flip through while eating a bowl of cereal. I don’t know how often I’ll do this (or is even desirable).

Neat service of the day: curl

Note - service appears to be broken now

There are no hard subjects, only missing prerequisites

Truth. Hot patching kernels is way less scary once you’ve got the underlying knowledge of what’s entailed.

Abusing the /dev filesystem with bash

Because who doesn’t love bash tricks?

Kestrel Project, an open-source open-hardware personal computer

While it’s a bit tilting-at-windmills, I really want projects like this to succeed

Man accidentally deletes his company with rm -rf

IMO you can’t blame rm on this one - a system design that can’t tolerate/recover from that mistake is too brittle to begin with.

Updated - Apparently this was a hoax. The above still stands

“Punch-Out” Easter egg discovered 29 years later

I wonder if anyone’s RE’d the binary to look for the rest of these…

Updated - link rot