Computer Nerdery 2016-04-16

Note - “Computer Nerdery” was a newsletter I ran a while back. Moving archives here for posterity.

Woo! A second one! I’ve set up an archive at in addition to the one TinyLetter provides, just as future-proofing. Thanks to Mo K. for mentioning that I didn’t provide the subscribe link at

On the impending crypto monoculture

Or ‘wow, the next generation of crypto is hosed if DJB gets hit by a bus’

Not smart is not stupid

Another nice tedu rant.

Debugging Heisenbugs

“Heisenbugs are mentally difficult for programmers to deal with. It is very frustrating to have something that eludes clear methodical debugging, and where you are forced into speculation, experiments and even debugging based on vague statistics. But a single Heisenbug can derail a project, especially if it is not addressed as soon as possible.”

cvdazzle - avoiding facial recognition using tricks from dazzle ships

As deep learning becomes more of a thing, I suspect dazzle camo will need to extend to more than just faces

ddrescue - data recovery without dealing with timeouts due to read-errors

A dd with crappy old hard drives in mind

Copperhead OS

A hardened Android port, but will be curious about its survival if Google does that work on their own…