Computer Nerdery 2016-04-27

Note - “Computer Nerdery” was a newsletter I ran a while back. Moving archives here for posterity.

Thanks all for waiting for today’s edition, I hope you find it’s worth the wait.

Everything is fast for small n

I recently rediscovered Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley, and was reminded of the blog post that convinced me to search out a copy the first time around. Every time it takes the PlayStation Store 15 seconds to reload a filtered result, it makes me wonder just how inefficient their algorithms are.

Trigger Happy

This is an interesting idea I want to try at some point, and maybe even try to get some coworkers in on. I’ve tried something similar to this with but I still find myself using Google way too much, instead of just bookmarking the documentation. It could be pretty interesting to resolve’s DNS record to

Windows Subsystem for Linux Overview

Interesting to see how they’ve made a wrapper for Linux over the Windows kernel, it’s like WINE in reverse. Personally, I’m in favour of anything that makes Cygwin hacks unnecessary for Windows interoperability.

Good programmer with good libraries got something done

Some languages have better libraries for certain tasks. I know I’ve found myself reaching for different languages just to deal with better standard libraries (the standard library alone makes Python worth learning).

Practicing Programming

This is an older Steve Yegge post, but I never really get tired of his stuff. If you’ve never read his blog, save it for a rainy read-only Friday.


It’s an assembly language game. If you’ve subscribed to this newsletter, you’re probably going to enjoy it. And yes, you need to read the manual for this one.