Miscellany 2015-04-16

I haven’t had much time in the past month for NiceBSD (though it hasn’t fallen off my radar). However, I come across so many interesting technical articles and videos every day that I want to share, so I’m going to start doing that here, instead of dumping them all on Twitter (where they can get algorithmically ‘lost’). I’ll be going through some of my older personal link dumps first, so there’ll be some older stuff mixed with newer stuff.


California 2000 is a wonderful futurist documentary from 1966 that managed to get quite a bit right in the next 50 years. Come for the Grateful Dead acid test session, stay for Paul Baran’s interesting views on privacy in the computer era (“Privacy is really the right to be wrong, then go on and live the rest of your life, without having it mark you forever.“).

Donald Knuth trolls you hard with his TeX replacement.

Email Hates the Living - after watching this, you’ll be amazed email still even works. If you’ve wondered how spam got through your filter, this is enlightening.


‘Bob Dylan’ sings Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Goat - Golden Dawn