Miscellany 2015-04-17

Holy hot dogs, it’s been a crazy week. Lots of good things going on, though -NiceBSD work resumes (and will try to have another dev diary up soonish). Also simplifying my tools, creating nice little helper scripts and making some long overdue changes.

One of the long overdue changes is a recent switch to newsbeuter from TinyTinyRSS. It’s not that there was that much wrong with TinyTinyRSS, but I found I was able to rip through my feeds a heck of a lot faster with newsbeuter. Also, there’s the benefit of one less gnarly PHP service sitting on the net waiting to get popped.


Rich Hickey - Simplicity Matters. This is an older one, but I still enjoy watching it. Rich is a Real Smart Person, and worth your time to listen to if you haven’t heard him talk yet.

My wife hates it when I cringe and groan at television shows that show a gross misunderstanding of how computers work. But then, recently I watched a show that was fairly realistic on that stuff, and it was super boring. Just can’t win, I guess.


It’s the anniversary of the Fenway Park pizza incident. If you’re unfamiliar, take a look.

Great Speckled Bird - Calgary