Miscellany 2015-04-18

My laptop keyboard has decided to kick the bucket. Not an insurmountable problem, but a pain nonetheless (hence the lateness of the post). I’m hoping to have it sorted out in the next 48 hours, but it means a lost weekend of NiceBSD development. “How does a project blow its deadline? One day at a time.”

So today is the Matt Might article round-up - here’s the articles he’e written that I’ve enjoyed, and hope you will too:

I do like Matt Might’s writing - his advice is practical, and he’s able to put names to ideas I had but couldn’t elucidate. For instance, I keep a carafe of water on my desk, which means I don’t have to wander to the kitchen every time I’d like a glass of water. I also keep a gym bag at work as well as home, so I can hit the gym whenever I feel like it (take advantage of the motivation).

I think there’s a lot of good practical advice for software development that has absolutely nothing to do with writing code itself. At some point I’ll probably distill these sorts of things into a single blog post.


David Heinemeier Hansson - Writing Software.


The world’s largest trivia contest (hosted by WWSP) is going on this weekend. It’s great to catch just for the music selection alone.

Wrestling isn’t Wrestling (dir. Max Landis).