Miscellany 2015-11-30

Whew! Been crazy busy as usual. Got a bit sidetracked by a little project which I’m calling “The Mother of All Yak Shaves” - expect a doozy of a post when it reaches completion (I hope in the next decade :-P

I’ve also been working through an incredible stack of technical books a co-worker just let me borrow. One of the books has me digging into Windows NT internals, which I’d somehow managed to avoid since Windows 98.

The other thing I’ve been working on is going through courses in MIT OpenCourseWare, working on a pseudo degree. ‘Pseudo’ insofar as I took a look at the MIT academic calendar and the course requirements for an EE/CS degree, and I’m only auditing the courses. Still, I’m doing the assignments, and where it makes sense I’ll post the various fruits to my blogs.

Need to do more of these posts - need to drain the queue of interesting links (I save them up for this)