NiceBSD Dev Diary 2015-03-03

“How does a deadline slip?”

“One day at a time.”

If I recall correctly, that gem is from Fred Brooks in Mythical Man Month. I took the weekend off for some badly needed rest, and then yesterday and today got largely soaked by work. Still, made a bit of progress with the cold boot. I looked into why the file server wasn’t working for the build process. I attached to screen, and saw that I needed to add lfp.h. “No problem!” So I started looking around for it in the Fedora repos, and could not find it. That header file is part of libfixposix which fortunately built on the first go. After I added an entry to /etc/ ldconfig found the new libraries. Now that I’ve got file-server loading, next step is to figure out why the image is timing out trying to connect to it (I suspect I may have to play with QEMU and tcpdump in the morning).

I read a few interesting articles on Lisp culture today: