DIY Racing Setup

When I got Gran Turismo 6, I went a little overboard and bought a racing wheel to go with it. The problem was how to actually use the thing while sitting on the couch. Fortunately, I came up with a DIY solution that was affordable.

My criteria was that it had to be under $100 and should be easy to disassemble. After making some rough diagrams, I got the parts at Home Depot:

  • .5” width pipe
  • 8 elbow joints
  • 8 tee joints
  • 4 6” pipes
  • 4 18” pipes
  • 8 24” pipes
  • 4 close pipes
  • 4 2.5” C-clamps
  • wooden board cut to fit

How these are assembled will be an exercise for the reader. The frame was designed so that wheel placement was natural for driving, and had stabilizing pipes that went under the couch. Here’s a picture of the finished product:

Racing setup

It’s a pretty comfy setup, and was handy when I wanted to get some Euro Truck Simulator in later. Before building something like this yourself, tape measure out your couch to make sure there’s enough clearance under the couch and that the frame can go over your legs. The wooden board was ‘good enough,’ but if I were to build this again that was the part that could have used more work, as well as adding a stop for the pedals to keep them from sliding.