Now With Social Graph Amazingness

edited: I’ve since removed it. It’s unnecessary page bloat that doesn’t give any real benefit to myself or my friends - probably why it never succeeded in the first place ;-)

The XFN microformat that ‘claims’ your web presence across various sites. Well, is leaping into 2003 and includes the links for your web crawler/stalker needs.

Just pop open the page source and take a peek. Fun!

I’ve been in the process of purging accounts across services as of late. Not that being on lots of services is a difficult task - in fact, my life would probably be much simpler and carefree if I simply let other companies handle all this junk.

However, in ‘claiming’ the personal pages I have now, I remember the amount of services I was once part of that are now defunct, and mostly long forgotten. Just as I write these words in this blog, I once wrote/did/saw things in those services, and that information is either lost forever or hidden away on old hard drives. While that information may not amount to anything useful, it was effort expended that I now have nothing to show for.

Then there are the accounts which still exist, but are locked into walled garden environments, so that the only way to access the content is to become a member of the service itself. An example of this is Facebook, which I’ve omitted from the list because it’s a service which has little regard for the privacy of its users and the integrity of user data, and which I’d like to migrate off as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a Diaspora pod up in a few months...